LBOW is pretty amazing !!!!

I have now received 2 treatments at one-week intervals. Every time I experience having a lighter and more supple body, which is one of the reasons I sought out Nicole and Lbow.
It is a rather interesting form of treatment in that the grips that Nicole performs seem very simple, but one should not be fooled. They work on a deep level.
The 1st treatment was on my legs and lower back, where I could see a facelift effect after the treatment, walked more easily on my feet and that my whole skeleton had become lighter. (the perceived effect of greater agility.)
Nr. 2 was a treatment of the back, neck to finish with the kidneys, the main goal of the day, as it had become clear during the iris analysis that it needed treatment.
In a pure mood, I have become happier and now also really good at listening to and meeting my needs. Quite sour so easily and carefree it all has become.
Highly recommend the LBow and the bowen method. It moves both physically and mentally ..and the more open you are the better the result.

Thomas Hansen

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Updated Jan. 22. 2017

Nicole released memory demons

Really comfortable relaxed treatment. It only gave a few plugs different places in my body. The day after, memory lending pains I have had for 30 years were gone. (and I have been to many different kinds of treatments)
At the same time after just my first treatment, my body has been releasing a lot of unpleasant things both physically and emotionally.
Try it.
I'm already excited for my next treatment.

Vivi B.

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Jan 8 2017

nice experience ...

In my "search" for a good therapist I bought a visit to LBOW through Dowwntown ..... lovely clean bright rooms ... tranquility as well as a nice welcoming therapist ... Janice gave me peace in my thoughts & a little peace in my Tinnitus which has worsened my life sometimes .... gave me good advice in other things so I will definitely return .... can only recommend trying a visit to Janice (Lbow)
a satisfied customer.

T. Munk

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Jan 8 2017

Bowen treatment

I was yesterday for my first consultation with Nicole yesterday and it was a super good experience. I had ordered for another treatment but when I told about my problem, she recommended another treatment and thoroughly explained why. One immediately gets the impression that she really wants to help. She is extremely committed and a really pleasant person. I look forward to coming again and giving her my warmest recommendations.

Sylvia Briem

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Nov 13 2016

Can definitely be recommended

Nicole at Lbow is very professional and skilled. I have not been able to exercise for a long time as I have been struggling with hip and shoulder pain. The treatment has opened up my body and reduced the pain so I have finally started exercising again. Incidentally, these treatments help the psyche when suffering from stress and anxiety. Can definitely be recommended.

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