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What should I expect?


The headache treatment is based on Bowen.

There is a first session where we balance the body and teach it to release and react. Depending on how you will react during the pauses, we put more or less moves on your body and this is determined by the time your body needs for each move and how lengthy a reaction is during the pauses.


The session starts with an assesment talk and I look in your iris to get an idea of your body's condition and stress, weaknesses and needs. We talk about your habits, if you had an accident, if you have asked your doctor for solutions, what other treatments you tried, if you are on medication, have epilepsy, where it hurts, how often, what major changes happened in your life, your type of headache, the patterns. Sometimes the headache is related to our shoulders, which requires a specific procedure, sometimes to our heart and respiration, and sometimes to the head and neck. This assessment will give me, but also you, a good starting point, in order to see if this treatment helps you or not. Some people have tremendous, outstanding results from the first time, and others a steady improvement over time in frequency and intensity of headaches. It is all depending on your body and it's receptiveness to the treatment..


The first visit is always the basic, the one that balances your body and gives it a command to relax, stop being in the sympathetic nervous system ( alert) and go into parasympathetic (the autonomous nervous system that controls digestion, breathing etc) The first sessionm also serves as a blue print guide for the practionner. I am feeling your problem areas and have an idea of what could be the problem.

Indeed a pain in the shoulder could be related to the foot and a pain in the abdomen, to the neck. Most of the times the session moves are followed by sensations, be tingling, pulling, heat or cold or other minor feelings connected to your body or your heart. Even images, colors, feelings. Crying or irritation, or joy.


Or you might feel nothing. It all depends on the way you communicate with your body and the state of your fascia. The more liquified, the more communication will reach the stem and the brain.

But, wether you feel it or not, the work is done and you will probably feel the benefits the days to come, in matters of less intensity when having a headache, or if you were not hydrated enough, in form of a "hang over", which is your body taking out the toxins, the trash that was trapped in your fibrous connective tissue.


Sometimes it takes one session to make the pain go away, sometimes we may need more. It depends on the disconnection we have with our body ( we all live in our heads).


For chronic cases expect to come at least 3 times.

Sessions last from 60 to 90 minutes


Why Bowen as the basic technique

As any professional will tell you, nothing can be done when there is stress or an acute sense of emergency. The goal to any succesful therapy, is for the sence of emergency to end, especially for chronic situations. The brain must alter its brainwaves from Beta ( focus, stress, awake), to Theta ( half asleep state, day dreaming) or at least Alpha ( relaxed, well being) for any procedure to work.

Look at your muscles, are they hard? Are you working out regularly and have a lean body?

If you think that having hard muscles is a plus, I would like you to think of a cat. Their muscles are never hard, their skin is detachable, and yet they are the best athletes.

Muscles that are hard are muscles under stress, no matter how lean and strong they are. Muscles are supposed to be relaxed when not in a physical activity. The goal is to get the muscles to "melt", no matter what treatment you use, in order to get the full benefits. Bowen is working on that wonderful intelligent structure, and gives you back mobility, eases the pains, and balances your body. It releases trapped energy, without being an energetic healing procedure, it serves as the best evacuator of negative, trapped emotions, cellular memory.



What is the parasympathetic system doing:

Everybody is familiar with computers and the "shutting down" and "stand by" function. Most of us, due to an unatural way of life, stress, worries and denial of feelings or suppression of non acceptable by society emotions ( like anger and aggression for women and self pity or emotion for men), tend to be on stand by mode, even when resting. But our body needs the complete relaxation and the feeling of safety we experienced in the womb or as children, to recuperate, rejuvenate, adjust again to a healthy state.

The parasympathetic system is a system that controls digestion, breathing and the goal is to get the patient/client in that state, where he is completely relaxed and has given all control. To him self. To his body. Not his mind. Not to me. So half asleep is the best result one can hope.


The technique is not a diagnostic or a curative tool. Some people come from word to mouth, with the expectation to feel sensations, but these should not be the goal. Work is being done wether your analytical brain allows it to be felt or not. For example, some athletes have a different approach towards their body and need harder sensations to let go of the knots and everyday's routine and worries. They push their limits, feel the burn, and sometimes are harder to get out of the sympathetic system. They need a deep tissue massage, as Bowen is very subtle, yet effective.

The advice given is for those who want to try this, to give it three sessions, at least. Usually by the fist session the body has been restored and balanced and we can focus on a specific area during the next sessions. Bowen has had success with hormone imbalance, frozen shoulders, epilepsy symptoms, sprained ankles, chronic migraines, bedwetting, colics, arthritis and many more, sto the goal is not the sensation felt in the moment.



But what will I feel?

It depends on the individual. Some feel no more than a deep relaxation, or extreme tiredness on the day and the next days sometimes. As if a very long stressful period ended and your body goes into exhaustion. But, the reactions vary according to the individual, and they should not be the main focus. It has been observed though that some feel headaches after the session especially if they did not drink enough the day before. The lymph is activated and waste from the fascia is entering the bloodstream in order to be evacuated, so some people, get a little hangover while the organism, carried by this self healing process, is working or overworking. It only lasts a day and it is harmless, but indicative of the level of waste in the organism.

Some feel heat during the pauses, tingling, slight pain, discomfort, eradication of pain. Some have a moment of emotional cleanse, sadness, or joy, and some just sleep right through it. Almost all have a deep, satisfying,restful sleep the next few days and have noticed a reduction in intensity of their migraines, backpains, and other ailments.

Their way of thinking clears up and their decision making process improves. Some stop smoking.

When the body starts to feel good, the mind gets clarity, we learn to listen to our bodies signals, and therefor the quality of life increases.

The technique is working for 7 days, as ripples in a lake once a stone was thrown, and it is advisable to not have anything else done a week before and after, be it acupuncture, massage, etc. But you can work out and go to fitness.

Keep a journal of every little change you experience if you have the time.

And drink lots and lots of water! :)




Our bodies have "issues". Sometimes, the body can NOT handle more than a few moves.These are cases where you feel much, and for more than 5 minutes. In this cases the body needs to be respected and given time to replenish, or it will be overworked and you will feel a hangover the next day due to the toxins entering your bloodstream. This is why water is so important.

Most people think

of the body this way, and

that massage works solely on and with the muscles.

This video is by Jackie O'Neal


In reality there is a very important connective tissue around our muscles, joints and even cells, the fascia.

The technique is sending vibrations through the fascia to the brain, tapping in the parasympathetic and autonomous nervous system. This is why it is so gentle and yet so powerful

Image with muscles, l and fascia. Lymph is just below the skin and extremely important for our body functions.

Fascia is a the "soup" we

bathe in and contracts

with every trauma.

Bowen releases fascia, even in the depths of the organs, pelvis and hidden ligaments.

Want to know more?

Where and what is the FASCIA?



No. Although there is some energy involvment ( we are creatures that generate and use energy and electricity and there is energy released from YOU- this is the reason why the therapist leaves the room), Bowen is a physical and physiological technique involving anatomy .It is a physical procedure that generates a lot of your own energy to be released, regenerated and used for your self healing purposes. The practionner switches the light bulb on, and off. How bright, what color, and what it lits, varies with each case. You will feel very thirsty and dizzy after the procedure and you will probably feel if not an immediate difference, that something has happened.


Fascia is a thin, tough transluscend sheet surrounding all of our fibers, muscles, and organs in our body. It is the web and net that holds everything together, and that goes through your bones, muscles, surrounds your cells, your fibers. It is a fibrous material that contain, separate and allow free movement between all structures so it is inevitable when a muscle is activated, to not affect the fascia that surrounds it albeit a slightly different physiological effect. All structures that are activated during a Bowen treatment be it skin, joints or muscles, have sensory nerves taht give feedback to the spinal cord about the state of that particular structure ( hence some of the sensations of stretch, pain etc)

Fascia is our communicative system. It clumps down when in stress, compressing the blood capillaries and arteries, veins, in order to avoid excessive bleeding. Bowen is allowing the release of the clumpness without damaging the fascia. People who work out hard usually damage their fascia by tearing them up, which gives an impression of building up. In reality often enough the extra bulk derives from tearing and bunching up of the muscle fibres. This creates adhesions through the body and an inability to get rid of toxins. On the other extreme, people who do not work out and have a weight problem will have a lot of congestion.

Fascia must be free at all parts to receive and discharge all fluids and eject all impurities.


Fascia comes in layers, and the moves are specifically chosen for the richness in layers and critical points.

Fascia of the front is different from the fascia of the back and this was created at an embryological level.


Bowen creates impulses in the collagen fibres of fascia, which creates an infinimal electrical charge with strong healing properties, more than with a Rofling technique as used in a traditional massage.

The conductivity of collagen increases and is directly affected with hydration. The impulses created will travel further and farther with an amplification directly affected by the action of proteins in liquid crystals. ( as a screen)

In other words, fascia is extremely responsive to electrical charges and can carry electrical impulses faster than the nervous system. It responds as a whole, regardless as to where a Bowen move was made.

A move on the leg, can carry like a Tsunami, a response to the shoulder, or the ear.


Passages from John Wilks book " Bowen Technique: The inside Story"



So is BOWEN an energy healing kind of procedure?


Photos Dennis Lehman

The lumphatic system has no pump, and is activated during the procedure.





Headache relief.

Waking up with a headache. Pain behind the eyes, the back of the neck, the top of the head. Or it is throbbing on the side. This maddening pain where light is unbearable and sound irritating. For some of us, this is a reccuring matter. Hormone imbalances,indigestions, thyroid disfunctions, weight... The weather changes, sugar, salt, wheat.... anger, silence, abusive relationships. Stress. So many triggers.

The treatment starts with a few questions regarding the type of headache. If you feel pain on top of yor skull, this is an indication of an elimination problem, regarding bowel movement. If you wake up with pain behind the eyes, or pain in your neck. The treatment has two techniques, depending on whether you have a headache during your visit ( accute and imediate relief with work on sinuses and pinched nerves) or a preventive measure to ease the symptoms next time you have an attack, using the basic technique and activate the proper system towards elimination of toxins, unclogging of mucus, muscle knots release, swollen liquid pressure or aleviation of psychic and mental burden.

Technique may include head, face, shoulders, neck, feet, cranium, forearms and hands. It will require some adjustments on your part and is not a one time session miracle, but a localisation exploration we do together and a retrieval of harmony in the body's functions. The headache treatment may have immediate results but is usually done in 4-6 sessions.

















Zona therapy

Our bodies have electricity, energy and this energy is following patterns. Sometimes this energy is blocked and negative emotions and feelings come forth.

If you noticed, after a death, or an illness, some people may change personnality. The body is cluttered with toxins, the mind is filled with thoughts, the gut is filled with fear and anxiety. Meridian psychotherapy and EFT are based on this release of energy, and Zona therapy ( reflexology) is more closely linked to acupuncture and acupressure, dealing with problems with the reflex points that are corresponding to certain areas of the body. The reflexology treatment can be made to the head, the feet, the hands, the ears depending on the needs.








Lymphatic drainage

This is a stand alone procedure. It helps the decongestion or the mucus, evacuation of toxins and a good "swooshing" of the lymphatic fluids through the body. The lymph has no pump like the circulatory system has, with the heart, so it is advised to Jump and move regularly to activate it. Lymphatic drainage is draining the blockages and gives relief and support to the body's effort to remain healthy. We have circa 700 lymphnodes in the body, 200 nodes around the head and close to half around the abdomen. Nodes purify the lymph but also makes it thicker. Lymph is essential to "swallow" impurities, toxines, too large proteins that can not be taken by capillaries ( small blood vessels). Lymph is also responsible for elimination of bacteria as the phagocytosis (white blood cell action) happens in this system, that is very delicately put near the edge of our skin. Lymphatic drainage increases by 30% the lymphocytes. It also reduces the resistance put by lymphnodes, to the flow, by 15 %.








Oil massage

Oil massage is traditional massage, deeper massage with some shiatsu, reflexology, effleurage, petrissage, combinations of known methods, for well being, relaxation and muscle relief. This can be done to a chair, or a bed, according to the area we focus on. This massage is generally preceded by a Bowen session that allows the brain to go into Theta and orders the muscles to relax. This way they are more manageable and receptive of the treatment instead of losing 40% of the therapist strength. It is advised in all situations to not start any body work before giving time to the brain and the body to anticipate what is coming, and time to adjust and cooperate.




Animal Massage Pre and Post operation

The basic technique works on the parasympathetic level, and when it comes to animals, the intellect does not interfere, resulting in the animals relaxation before a visitation to the vet. Pre operative session may benefit in the recovery process, and ease a trauma post operatively. Animals instinctively come to us and demand contact, caresses and touch, due to the fact that they are more in tune with nature then we are. If we were hugging and touching eachother as animals do when brushing and touching eachother, we would not need for massages and procedures. Our stress levels would never hit "red", but as it is, we created services to replace that of what we lack.

However, the technique is more than a touch, as it is directed towards the areas that control the flight of fright area and allow the animal to feel secure and calm.










Less Conventional Methods

Iris analyse ( Iridology)

Iridology is a controversial field. Some iridologist believe that the eye is as it is from birth and studying the colors, fibers, wowen patterns show a predisposition of the genetic making of the individual, towards specific areas that could cause a problem, and should be strengthen ( for example an outside rim shows disposition to a difficult evacuation of toxins through the skin, so measures of dry brushing can be taken early on to help the situation). Others believe that the eye is showing acute and mild inflammation, because the optic nerve is linked to the spine and brain, thus "reading" all information and status of the body. In any case it is fascinating, and we only offer a general overview.









On required specific occasions

Ashiatsu or chair massage

Ashi means feet or foot, and atsu means pressure. With a walker the massage therapists applies

a fraction of his or her body weight, making sure to work only on muscles and not on bones.

This is very effective with people that have big muscles.

Chair massages are preferred for acupressure and in order to use the therapists body weight for deep tissue massages of the back, shoulder, neck and waist.




For those who do not want to be touched, meditation is another way to achieve the Theta brainwaves. Mediations sessions can also be provided online, after the first few sessions, for a discount. Meditation techniques are sometimes used to relax an overactive brain. The session lasts a litte over an hour and the patient/client receives several audios tailored to his needs for him to work while home and before going to bed.




Emdr is a form of therapy, that combined with brain gym ( kinesiology), allows the brain to retrace and eradicate old traumas and learn new ways of thinking and doing things. Very useful for learning disabilities.



COSMETIC treatments


D’arsonvalization comes from the name of the doctor and electrician Jacques Arsène d’Arsonval (1851-1940) and it is a high frequency electrotherapy, used on the skin or near the skin, to treat acne, wrinkles, and other skin problems.

What is high frequency? Without being too technical it alternate currents that change multiple times in a second. Close to a million sometimes. This has the effect of calming pain, activation of the blood circulation, dilatation of the of the vascular system, creating oxygenation, production of ozone when treated from a few mm distance, detoxification of cells. Bacterias are killed, skin heals faster and creams and ointments are absorbed faster. Electrotherapy is known for years. In the ancient times, electric needles were used to treat pathologies such as gout, arthritis and headaches. In the middle of the 17 century, electrostatic machines are being built, creating sparks, harvested for therapeutic reasons. Experiments are recorded since 1730 regarding paralysis. In 1806 the first electrodes for the body are being built.

Today, these machines are being used for eczemas, regeneration and better oxygenation of the cells, and replenishing of the fascia tissue (collagen enhancement). A comb electrode is used for hair and activation of roots. The technique is used day to day for 5-20 days, for cosmetic reasons, and 3-5 times with 5 days interval for warts and eczemas.

However, this is not for everyone.

Pregnant women, epileptic patients, pacemaker owners cannot use D’arsonvalization. In France children below 6 cannot use it, although in some cases there has been recorded exceptions of kids aged two having treated. Also, people with cancer history should abstain.



Make up and Lash lift

Lash lifting consists of a very easy and fast procedure consisting of curling the lashes upward with a perming agent. Coloring them black and coloring the eybrows in a natural color, allows to jump out of bed and go straight to work or to the gym, without worrying about rain, sweat or make up.

Although this may not be in the therapy scope, I enjoy doing it, provide a service to people who are not in pain, and it allows me to therefor change scenery but also chat and learn better the danish culture.






Other Techniques

Nicole is a certified Bowen therapist, reflexologist (zona), worked as a make-up artist in her first husband's tattoo parlor and has certifications and diplomas in Iris analyse ( Iridology) Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy. She has also studied Psychology, Marketing, Arts and performing arts.. She travelled and worked as a teacher, an artist, cosmetologist, Tv producer, translator and singer. She teaches since 1988.


She wrote four books and worked 6 years as a journalist/researcher in the field of alternative therapies, relationships and had an advice columns in 3 lifestyles magazines.


She has practiced guided meditation sessions for more than 20 years and taught life coaching skills and tools to young and adults, while working as a therapist, artist and lecturer in England, France, Greece, Cyprus, Holland and now Denmark.


She has develloped techniques that she includes in her sessions for an accurate assessment of each case.

She is currently studying Trad. Chinese Medicine.


She works for Lokalavisen as a freelance journalist, teaches art and French, and occasionally performs make up and lash lifting at her briks room, just for the sheer pleasure of it. She enjoys researching, learning, painting and the occasional video game when she has time.