Services /Price list

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Lash effect may vary

according to hair length, density and quality.

Please inform of allergies.



Body/cosmetic SERVICES

Bowen based technique (LBOW) 650 dkk

1st visit with assesment 750dkk


Zona 600 dkk


Animal massage pre and post

operation 450 dkk


Headache treatment 650 dkk









Combined with other treatments.



Iris analyse and facial analysis 300 kr


(Iris analysis combined with treatments, 100 kr



Hypnotherapy -2 visits and 1 audio to take home 1200kr








Eye photos by the Simplified guide to Iridology


Lymph drainage 350 dkk


Deep tissue massage 750 dkk



Soft Oil massage 550 dkk


Facial massage 350 dkk



Geriatric massage 450 dkk


Counseling Included

























Cosmetic and relaxation procedures



For the face

1 visit 450

5 visits (recomended) 1900 dkk


For Hair ( short)

1 visit 450

10 visits 3800


For the body

1 visit 600

5 visits 5500






Lash lift and dye (+ eyebrow) 500 dkk

Lash lift 300 dkk

Lash lift and dye 350 dkk


Lash lift returning visit 30% discount






Other services

L- BrOw