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Booking options:





There may be a waiting period of two weeks.


If you have been in an accident or suffer from a condition please ask your doctor if body work is for you and tell us in your mail.


24 hours cancelation policy.

All bookings are prepaid in totality or partially.


Refund policy:


Fon non voucher holders:

There is no refund of booking fee of 150dkk for non voucher bookings.


Cancelations of sessions.


There is no refund of booking fee, due to klinik expenses, If resecheduling/ cancelation occurs on the day of the apointment or the day before.


There is no refund from LBOW for special deals sold by someone else ( sweet deal, spot deal, myprice, etc), but you can adress your demand to the site who sold you the voucher.


Sessions can be rescheduled from both parties, if done in time, with no consequences.















The first visit is always conducting the basic procedure and after the second we go to the specific problem. Most times, issues are better from the first visit

and sometimes, maintenance visits are required. This schema can vary according to the individual.

Just like any other physical therapy, and despite the immediate results percentage, Bowen is a process of rehabilitation of your fascia.







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