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Fascia is not 2 dimensional, it goes in every direction and covers the cells, like the droplets that consist an orange , covers the muscles fibers, the joints, it is like a soup where we bathe in. Every gentle move goes deep inside and activates or relaxes vital organs. This is why it is not the equivalent of a massage, who only breaks superficial fascia. Bowen is going deep to your psoas, your pelvis, your kidneys and does not stay on the surface of things.






The enveloppe of our body, and what Bowen reaches underneath. =======>


The white areas are the biggest layers of fascia, who are at crucial spots.



When doing a Bowen treatment, the effect does not go only horizontally but also vertically, in all directions and in depth, to the core of your pelvis, kidneys, lungs, pelvic floor etc....




"Pain is the emotion that pulls most of our energy. We try to control it, burry it, numb it and we end up storing it inside our cells and pass it on to our children. Cell history is a reality for me. Pain is a messenger.

Having studied and spent half of my life in conversational psychology, and ending up sick, I stumbled on the body armour theory of Reich, and Bowen.

My life changed.

There is release from trauma.

Whether it is psychological or physiological,pain leaves when it is experienced. Pain leaves when we allow the body to take over and do what it does best. Pain leaves when the mind is put away and we allow the thoughts that block us to dissolve.


These sessions assist the body to physically readjust its core, its center of gravity, on a physiological level, and help erase cellular memory.

It can not be explaine, it has to be experienced.


My mission is to take as much pain away.

My vision is to teach you ( how to make this yourselves)

Bowen is working from the first session, but for specific ailments it is advised to do 3 sessions for the complete benefit. The treatment goes on working on your body for 7 to 10 days so it is advisable you do not take any other form of treatment during that time.




My journey and vision, my mission.


Hello, I am Nicole.

I was raised by a holistic naturopath with over 22 certifications and diplomas in various fields such a reflexology, iris analyse, homeopathy, nutrition, acupuncture and more


My father, a musician, was relocating the family every two years which opened my mind to different cultures, places, people. My life was music, art and holistic therapies that my mother would try on me and herself. I lived in 5 countries before the age of 15. This made me realize the importance of emotions and beliefs that are reflected in our bodies. It also made me realize that each individual is born with a set of strength and weaknesses in their genetic making. Why some people are lactose intolerant and why some people get side effects from drugs when other do not? Because we are each and every one, unique in our own way and the way we eat, think, walk, is affecting the thoughts, the emotions we have, creating a a blue print for future ailments once we peaked and start aging.

This is why there is a diversity of sicknesses, and ailments.

But lets get the emotional part out of the way first.


People everywhere, have 4 things in common, needs of security, love, understanding/validation and expression.


We all need to feel we matter, we all need to express love and feel loved, we all need to feel less alone and that we are doing well. Its what help us grow and find purpose.

Its what allows creation.

But as we grow up, sometimes these needs are blocked and we start feeling unwell. Especially love and emotions that are bottled up, are extremely damaging. After all we react to our surroundings and everything we know about ourselves is in relation to others. And sometimes we lose the point, we are ravaged by guilt, or doubt and fear or we keep everything in. On an energy level we stop getting,renewing, exchanging or using energy outwards. We find other ways :we go to the gym, we go online, we find substitutes. But we forget to tap to the source, we live in our heads and disconnect with our bodies.


This is what happened to me.

I went from 60 kgs to 85 in 3 years. I lost my sense of joy, I lost myself, I was miserable. I went from doctor to doctor, My face was swelling, I had rashes, I was depressed, my cycle stopped. I was told I was menopausal, that I had Lymes disease, that I had no metabolism left... None of it was true. I was just unbalanced and my body produced so many toxins that I literrally poisoned myself. In an effort to keep everything away from vital organs, my body "stuffed" all the toxins in my skin, my fascia. Of course this is something that was brewing for sometime and it just exploded, when my body gave up, unable to communicate to me that my life had taken a wrong turn. I am now on my way to recovery, and it is a slow process. However I am grateful that I found out, what is going on. I am headache free ( from headaches every day to maybe once every two months), my rashes went to 20%, and I am finally feeling hopeful, and more self assured because now I know.



Our minds are so good at imagining, creating, analyzing. Be in control. And they will fight change. Change is unknown and dangerous and generates fear. This is our mind's work. it is trying to protect us. It will create ideas, denial and detachment from the body.


We treat our bodies hard. We work them in ways that pushes them.To "feel the burn", and be tight, strong, go beyond our limits, ignore the pain. We have no tenderness. We moisturize our body in order to avoid dryness, not for the pleasure of the touch. We shave hair, we try to fix it and shape it all the time, as if it is this entity that betrays us and we have to keep in control. Maybe because our bodies are exposed to the world and we are judged by them. But our minds are hidden- or so we think- and many times have too much power over everything. So we live in our mind and forget that we are our bodies. This is living in the sympathetic nervous system for those who know what it means.



Our bodies are not just muscles bones and skin, but a materialisation of our minds and emotions. Our bodies are made of fascia, a very sensitive, communicative "organ" that is reacting to everything. Especially stress. When stressed fascia compresses our capillaries in order to avoid bleeding, and cuts the communication with the brain so if we are injured we sont feel it. And the superficial fascia under the skin can be broken back to its norma lstate with massage, and the second layer can be streched with exercise, but the one inside, affecting internal organs and muscels, is very hard to reach. When fascia contracts it creates pain sometimes, it also creates tilting ( if its in the pelvis for example) In release. fascia letsg go of toxins, brings in water, nutrients and lets go also of stored energy, memory cell. Yes, like batteries we keep energy, produce energy and every event big or small creates something in you, like when you touch the antenna of a snail. Your body constantly communicates with you, telling you for example, that YOU dont agree with what you are doing or how you are handling a situation.

On a physical level, a pain in your shoulder could be your liver screaming at you that there is inflammation or a deficiency. Your thin hair? Liver. Your rashes? lungs or liver. The ear pain? Probably overworked kidneys. Your shoulder blade pain? Could be from your buttock fascia that was contracted some months ago when you fell doing ski... or from your gallblader.

A body is not segments but a whole that communicates.

I do not diagnose, I am not a doctor and I dont wish to be one.

I m seing the whole picture, decide what moves to do on your body, suggest new habits that may bring a better life quality- which you may chose to follow or not, and that could eradicate some chronic pains, and make life easier, enjoyable again.



Take a moment. As you read this. Are your shoulders up? Do you sit well? Breathe. Take inventory of your whole body. Is is saying something to you? Is a foot cold? Do you feel a small pinch on the back of the neck? Is your ear itchy?

Now take a deep breath, exhale, strech and go back in your mind because there is more to read.


When relaxed and remembering a lover, our child being born, a beach where we laid in the sun while a breeze was caressing our face, our body sends a different response and pulse to our nerves. Same thing happens when we remember a confrontation, a humiliation. Our bodies respond immediately to their surroundings or the idea of their surroundings. We thrive with love, acceptance, affection. We glow when we are in love and we look younger. Full of energy.

We shrivel and whither when we cant express ourselves, when we feel irrelevant, bypassed, guilty, shameful, judged. It consummes us, and the energy to numb these feelings- or any feelings, be it sadness or anger- is depleting our resources and our health. Yet we do that in a nanosecond, that is how good we

have become at burring things inside. In our own flesh.


The power of touch is instinctively known in the mammal kingdom, our pets seek contact every day, lions play with eachother, chimps hug, and we...we hire hairdressers, massage therapists and beauticians. Our society found ways to make touch acceptable and we renew our energy that is often blocked. We find ways to feel important, relevant, beautiful, but we also get a powerful source of energy, in the exchange.


I am a reflexologist who turned to Bowen, due to the fact that it is a technique that deals with the physical and the emotional without my imput. It is a technique to alieviate pain, that also deals with any other issue one may have, up to 7 to 10 days after the session. It's like switching a switch that starts a reaction in our body, boosting the self healing process, freeing negative toxins from the body, for evacuation.



By doing body work, any body work, we allow the traumatic memories stored in our cells to be free, the tightness of the fascia to let go, and the electric energy to flow freely again.

It is in my experience that the better shape you have, the less you will feel during a Bowen session. Your relationship with your body is harder, the depth of your fascia is smaller. Hard muscles are stressed muscles- they should feel like a cat's. Chances are you need a deep tissue session to "feel" it.

It doesn't matter. There are other techniques. Whether it is a massage for pleasure and relaxation or a chiropractor, kinesitherapist for muscle, joint pain...And we all aim at the same goal, some just need to take a different path.


I chose Bowen and I implemented some Chinese Medicine in my assessments because I am sensitive to people's pain, being someone who lived with it for so long.

To be able to lift a back pain of 30 years from the first session, or stop someones headaches after 15 years, is deeply satisfying and rewarding (* real cases). But feeling it or not, anyone should have a Bowen session in their life, just to free the psoas and other tightness around organs.





See you at the clinic :)